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Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor for "Stressed", High Water Hardness

Product Name:

Application: Cooling Water Treatment
Brief Description: Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor for "Stressed" High Water Hardness Conditions
Format: Bottle (5.5kg) - Solid

SCT6001 is a multi-functional scale and corrosion inhibitor cooling water treatment product developed for “stressed”, high water hardness conditions. It uses the very latest anti-scaling, anti-fouling and corrosion inhibition technologies. Its scale dispersant and corrosion inhibitors work with conventional chemistry to provide system protection at low product dosage rates.

SCT6001 is a concentrated solid chemical available in fully recyclable plastic bottles each containing 5.5kg of product.

SCT6001 contains PBTC phosphonate, HEDP phosphonate, polymaleic acid, Ter-polymer, HPA and triazole.

Product Application / Feedrate

SCT6001 can be used in cooling tower water systems using the following dosage rates. The application rates provided below are based on set water stability indices, however in practice, dosage rates should be set to suit individual water conditions.

Recommended Dosages

Water Quality Range
Test Range
Ryzner Stability Index
Chemical level in recirculating water
6.0 – 4.0
200 - 500 ppm
200 – 500 ppm
15 – 25 ppm
3 – 5 ppm
4.0 - 3.0
500 - 800 ppm
500 - 600 ppm
25 –40 ppm
4 – 6 ppm
< 3.0
800+ ppm
600+ ppm
40+ ppm
6 – 8 ppm

Note - with comparative liquid products, at a dosage rate of 20 ppm, 1 case of SCT6001 is equivalent to approximately 227kg of a conventional liquid product. Comparative values will vary, dependent upon concentration.

Testing and Control

Organo-phosphonate specific test kits suitable for monitoring and controlling the use of SCT6001 are available from SCT.


Feed SCT6001 using an SCT DB100 board system.

Packaging, Storage and Handling

SCT6001 is packaged in cases containing 4 x 5.5kg bottles.

Each case weighs 21.8kg.

For all safety data refer to the latest SCT MSDS.

Store this product in cool, dry area. Correctly stored product will remain effective for between 24 to 36 months.

Additional Information & Technical Support

For additional product information, application advice, pricing or technical support please contact us for further assistance.



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