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Why use solids?
Our innovative solid chemicals deliver a range of important benefits ... why use solids >>

Improved safety
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Water Treatment for Cooling Towers, Boilers & Closed Loops

Solid Chemical Technologies are innovative chemical technology specialists leading the development of safe, environmentally friendly chemical products. Our range of solid water treatment chemicals are amongst the safest and most eco-friendly chemicals to be designed and available for use in the treatment of industrial boiler water systems, cooling towers, cooling systems and closed loops.

Significant Safety, Environmental & Operational Benefits

Our technically advanced chemical products are manufactured in a unique, highly concentrated solid form and utilise proven, cutting-edge chemical technologies to offer a number of significant operational, safety and environmental benefits over comparative liquid chemical products. To learn more please visit our why use solids page. Some of the key benefits of our solid chemicals include:
  • Eliminate the inconvenience, safety and liability issues associated with handling heavy drums, liquids and hazardous chemicals
  • Eliminate employee chemical exposure, liquid pouring and splash hazards
  • Eliminate hazardous chemical leaks and spills
  • Eliminate the need for chemical drums, drum storage, disposal and landfill issues
  • Save space or free-up space for alternative uses
  • Minimise waste and improve environmental performance
  • Reduce warehousing, handling and transportation costs
  • Compatible with existing pumps, controllers and test kits
  • Full technical support and training
  • Guaranteed quality and performance ... read more Why Use Solids?

Solids Movie Presentation

Solids movie presentation

To get a better understanding of how our solid chemical systems work please play our "Solids Movie". This short movie presentation demonstrates the use of our solid chemicals, dosing pumps and equipment. You will see first-hand how 3 large chemical drums can easily be replaced with 3 of our small, discrete, wall mounted dosing units to offer a far safer, space saving, more elegant solution to your chemical dosing needs.

Highly Concentrated 97% - 100% Active Ingredients

Our waterless solid chemicals are highly concentrated containing between 97% and 100% active ingredients. This makes them significantly smaller by volume and lighter than their liquid equivalents. As a result they are much safer and more convenient to handle, store and transport.

Boiler Water Treatment

We offer a full range of bottle and baton style solid chemicals for use in the treatment of inductrial boilers and boiler water systems. Products include a range of multi-functional treatment chemicals for both hard and soft water conditions, scale and corrosion inhibitors; oxygen scavengers, alkalinity builders, condensate line treatments; and on-line and off-line pre-commission cleaners ... boiler water treatment

Cooling Water Treatment

We offer a full range of solid water treatment products for use in cooling towers and open and closed cooling water systems. Products include multi-functional treatment chemicals for use under both hard and soft water conditions, scale and corrosion inhibitors; on-line cleaners and anti-foulants ... cooling water treatment

Biocides, Microbiocides & Bio-dispersants

We offer a full range of oxidising and non-oxidising biocides, microbiocides, anti-foulants, penetrants and bio-dispersants. Several of our biocides are also US EPA registered ... biocides and bio-dispersants

Closed Loops

Our range of solid water treatment products for closed loop water systems includes multi-functionals, corrosion inhibitors, scale removers, bio-dispersants and cleaners ... closed loops

Dosing & Control Equipment

Our simple, self contained dissolution units have been developed to allow the controlled release of our solid chemicals. The wall mounted units are easy to use, robust and offer excellent in-use reliability ... equipment

Test Kits & Water Analysis Equipment

We offer a full range of professional water quality analysis equipment and portable test kits developed for monitoring and controlling the use of our solid water treatment chemical products ... test kits

Technical Support & Training

Our technical support and training teams offer unrivalled advisory and support services across our complete range of products. For expert technical support and product application advice please contact our specialist teams using the Technical Support page.

Additional Information

If you require additional information about us or our products please contact us for more information.




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